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Sailing around Tiengemeten:
Depending on the weather “Staying at the Noorddijk’ offers the possibility of
doing an unforgettable  sailing trip in a Centaur (open sail boat) around the island Tiengemeten.   
   The trip takes about four hours and costs
amount to € 90,-  There is place for 2 or 3 people as well as the captin
(Klaas-Eel de Boer).


Oud Beijerland (9km) :
A pleasant provincial town with a small harbour for sail boats
in the middle of the town; nice shops, restaurants, terraces and a HEMA. 
On Wednesdays , there is a market.

Within 3km there is a little beach area called ‘De Kaai’ beside the Haringvliet.
It is ideal to swim there, to surf and to canoe. 
There is a toddler’s swimming pool, a snack bar and a harbor for sailing boats.


Tiengemeten: (5 km)
Rest and open space, a rugged and  pastoral landscape is to be found on the ‘nature’
island Tiengemeten.  Because of its isolated situation which is only to be
reached by ferry,  an unknown peace prevails there. 
Water/nature to be seen where you can cycle or walk.
You can rest for a cup of coffee at the inn/information center
of  the Rien Poortvliet-museum.

Dordrecht: (36 km)
Important places of interest in Dordrecht are the River quay/warf near the main
port (Groothoofdspoort).  Another place of interest  is also the
old church (Grote Kerk ).  The inner harbours and many monumental
buildings are also worth a visit.

Rotterdam: (27 km)
Because of the enormous damage Rotterdam received in the 2nd World War,
there are  not a lot of  historical buildings to be seen. 
Despite that, the city has many recent , modern,  places of interest to show. 
It also has a very impressive harbor.

Willemstad: (17 km)
Willemstad, is a historical  town  with a lot of atmosphere, situated in the
Brabantse Moerdijk. Explore this monumental  place,  take a walk around the
town and along the old walls, visit the Mauritshuis!  There are many good restaurants.

Ouddorp: (50 km)
is a village and swimming place at the top of the island Goeree-Overflakkee in the Dutch
province of  Zuid-Holland (south Holland).  In 2007, Ouddorp was chosen as
‘The best swimming place of Nederland’.  The village is nice, the beaches are wonderful
and relatively quiet.

Zierikszee: (46 km)
Since 1971 a protected town, it is known as a monumental town.  This small town,
Zierikszee has 568 monuments.  The most famous of these is the Sint-Lievensmonstertoren ,
(The darling monster tower), otherwise known to the public as the Dikke Toren (The Fat tower). 
Zierikszee has a pleasant harbor, nice shops and  restaurants/terraces.

Nice and interesting sites:

VVV–Hoeksche Waard
Hoekschewaards landschap
Nieuwe veerverbindingen Hoeksche Waard
Winkelen Hoeksche Waard
Polderrondje Hoeksche Waard (ateliers)
Diverse fietsroutes in de Hoeksche Waard
Varen en Watersport in de Hoeksche Waard
Diverse natuurwandelingen in de Hoeksche Waard
Musea in Zuid Holland
Recreatieoord Binnenmaas
Restaurant De Drie Linden (op 800 meter)
Aktiviteiten met trekpaarden: De Hitsaert